Collection Policy

The Henderson State University Archives is a research institution for university and local or regional history. Its mission is to collect and preserve current and historical materials about Henderson State University to make them available to researchers. 

Record types generally accepted by the Archives

Record types generally not accepted by the Archives

Scope of Materials 

As a research center, the Henderson State University Archives places primary emphasis on the informational value of the materials collected, which include but not limited to: 

  • Publications issued by Henderson State University and its offices and departments 
  • Materials containing information about some aspect of Henderson State University, including its faculty, staff, board of trustees, administration, students, alumni, natural and built environment, economics, government, institutions, and organizations. 
  • Some items relating to Arkansas history. These items are included because they are considered: background sources about Henderson State University, contain significant information about Henderson State University or its people, and illuminate Henderson State University events. 

However, the collection is in no sense an Arkansas Collection.

Aesthetic and historical values alone are of secondary importance in meeting informational needs, and due to considerations of space and conservation, artifacts are not sought for the collection.