Theatre Arts Courses

THA 1241-3
Theatre Practicum

A laboratory course designed to provide practical experience in acting, construction and/or design of scenery, lighting, properties, costuming, and make-up for plays in production. May be repeated. A maximum of six semester hours may be applied toward a degree. Enrollment for more than one hour requires the consent of the instructor.

THA 1262
Dance Performance Practicum

Involves participation in actual performance. Study of selection of works, areas of appropriate staging, musical selections, technical aspects, auditions, rehearsals. May be repeated. A maximum of six semester hours may be applied toward a degree. Enrollment for more than one hour of credit requires the consent of the instructor.

THA 1303
Acting I

An introduction to the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of acting, including basic movement, script analysis, and characterization techniques. Emphasis is on realistic styles.

THA 2002
Ballet I

Introduction to the basic techniques, theories, and vocabulary of ballet.

THA 2012
Theatre Dance I

A beginning movement class designed for theatre students. The student will gain a greater awareness of movement and muscle control. The student will be exposed to the different styles of dance in theatre performance, including ballet, modern, jazz, and tap.

THA 2033 (DRAM 1003)
Humanities: Theatre Arts

An introductory course designed to broaden the awareness and appreciation of theater art and its place in contemporary human culture. Incorporates study of theatrical styles, history, theory, and practice using live and recorded performances. Writing component includes reviews of theatrical performances.

THA 2103
Play Analysis

An introductory course in the basic skills of play analysis, dramatic structure and theatrical style. This course includes an overview of the major genres of dramatic literature with an emphasis on the impact of critical analysis and evaluation on the work of the director, the actor, and the designer. Students will read and analyze plays in order to visualize their potential theatrical production. This course is a designated writing course for the theatre program. Prerequisite: THA 2033.

THA 2273
Costuming for Stage, TV, and Film

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of costume production and design.It is both a theoretical and a practical laboratory course.The student will explore the process of creating costumes for theatre, dance, opera, film, and television.History and research, analysis and design, budget and management, and practical construction techniques are major units of study.Each unit is coupled with project work to give the student hands-on experience in that area.

THA 2273L
Costuming for Stage, TV, and Film Lab

Practical laboratory for TH 2273. Must be taken concurrently.

THA 2293
Stage and Studio Make-Up

A practical introductory course in make-up and wigs for theatre, dance, television and film. Make-up theory and materials, equipment, basic techniques of application, and the structure of hairpieces, modern and period wigs and their maintenance will be studied. This class will include lecture/demonstrations as well as a practical laboratory element where students execute makeup application on themselves and others.

THA 2413
Theatre Seminar

Changing topics with special emphasis on problems related to the production of plays.

THA 2573
Principles of Stagecraft

A lecture/laboratory course designed to teach basic theory and practice of scenery construction, lighting, properties, and sound for theatrical production.

THA 2573L
Principles of Stagecraft Lab

Practical laboratory for THA 2573. Must be taken concurrently.

THA 2613
Voice and Diction

A study of the processes of vocal production and recognition of the controllable elements in speech. Drill work for improvement of pronunciation and articulation control.

THA 2772
Jazz Dance I

Introduction to the techniques of jazz with emphasis upon specific teaching methods.

THA 3083
Stage and Studio Lighting

An introduction to theories and methods of stage and studio lighting and design. This course presents the basic theories and techniques for lighting theatrical, television and film productions with attention given to the use of light as an artistic expression. Included is basic electricity, light color theory, the design and function of the basic lighting instruments in various productions, and design procedures. Method of instruction includes lectures, laboratory demonstrations and exercises. Students will be required to complete work as members of lighting crews on various productions, and design lighting for pieces in the Henderson Dance concert and an HTV production. Prerequisite: THA 2573 or consent of the instructor.

THA 3232

This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced dance student. It will introduce the student to the theory and mechanics of dance composition and improvisation. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor (based on previous work and/or dance experience).

THA 3241-3
Theatre Practicum

(See THA 1241-3)

THA 3252
Dance History

A lecture course covering the evolution of dance from ancient civilizations to the present.

THA 3262
Dance Performance Practicum

(See THA 1262.)

THA 3333
Acting II

Designed for theatre arts majors. Emphasis will be on major styles and techniques of the actor's craft from the ancient Greek plays through contemporary drama. Prerequisite: THA 2303.

THA 3423
(WI) Movie Appreciation and Enjoyment

The origin and development of film from the late 19th century to the present. Emphasis on the film as a distinctive art form. This course is a designated writing course for the theatre program.

THA 3453, 5453
Stage Management

Study of the role of the stage manager, including effective organizational and management techniques used in university, community, and professional theatres. Special emphasis on communication, leadership styles and team building. Some attention to theatre management as it relates to policy making, audience building, play selection, staff organization, and budget preparation. Prerequisite: THA 2033.

THA 3473
(WI) Women, Gender and Race in American Theatre

A course designed to heighten the student's awareness of the role that women, gender, and race have played historically and play currently in the theatre arts of the United States. This course is designed to explore the wide range of theatre that is usually referred to as theatre of diversity, "theatre of the people", "fringe theatre", or even "theatre of difference."

THA 3483
Theatre of the Nonwestern World

A course designed to heighten the student's awareness of theatre arts from non-western cultures. Theatrical traditions from continents and countries such as Africa, India, and Asia and cultures such as Islam will be included.

THA 3503            
Acting for the Camera   

This course is designed to introduce the student to the camera acting skills (which differ in many ways from theatre acting skills) necessary for work in the film, TV, and video industries. Students will complete assigned projects in camera acting technique, auditioning, voice-over and commercial work. There will be critiques of these projects as well as in class exercises and discussions relating to issues and problems associated with acting for the camera. Prerequisite: THA 1303 or consent of the instructor.

THA 3782            
Jazz Dance II      

Intermediate techniques and combinations of stylized movement.

THA 3822            
Theatre Dance II              

Continuation of dance for the theatre. Prerequisite: THA 2012.

THA 3922            
Ballet II

Review of fundamentals of ballet. Intermediate techniques of ballet. Prerequisite: THA 2002 or equivalent.

THA 4073            
Stage Design     

Basic theories and techniques of scenic design, including understanding the elements of design, color theory, and the design process; drafting scale and perspective drawings; and building scenic models. Emphasis on major styles in scene design in relation to the periods of dramatic literature. Prerequisite: THA 2103 and 2573.

THA 4091-3, 5091-3         
Theatre Production Techniques

Special studies in performance or design/technical aspects of theatre. Students work closely under the supervision of faculty directors or designers.

THA 4141-3, 5141-3         
Independent Study       

Open to advanced students with intellectual curiosity regarding specific problem areas. Problems must be selected with approval of major advisor before registration.

THA 4161            
(WI) Senior Research    

Preparation of a prospectus for an original creative or research project to be conducted under the direction of student's departmental advisor.

THA 4173, 5173 
(WI) Theatre Dramaturgy            

Seminar in the cultural and aesthetic principles informing and defining the theatrical performance including the exploration of text analysis, the research process necessary for the production of a script, the multiple contexts of a script in performance, and the discovery of style as it relates to the production of a script. Includes readings in classical and contemporary dramatic literature, theory, and criticism. This course is a designated writing course for the theatre program. Prerequisite: THA 2103.

THA 4183            

Emphasis on the director's media, use of the stage, movement, stage picture, imposed business, characterization, casting, and rehearsals. Students will be required to direct a short play. Prerequisites: THA 1303, 2103, 2573.

THA 4373, 5373 
Repertory Theatre         

Production of plays as a repertory company outside of the normal co-curricular production program. Sessions consist of laboratory work preparing scenery, lighting, costumes, makeup, properties, and rehearsal of plays in production.

THA 4443, 5443 
(WI) Theatre History I: Origins to 1800   

A course in the history of the theatre and its literature from its origins in primitive ritual to classical Greece and Rome through the medieval period, and the European Renaissance, and the 18th century.Emphasis will be on the theatre as an institution and art form. Prerequisite: THA 2103 or consent of instructor.

THA 4463, 5463 
(WI) Theatre History II: 1800 to Present

A course in the history of the theatre and its literature covering the major developments of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.Emphasis will be on the theatre as an institution and art form. Prerequisite: THA 2103 or consent of instructor.

THA 4522            
(WI) Senior Seminar      

Creative or research project under the direction of student's departmental advisor. Students will present the project before faculty and other majors. Prerequisite: THA 4161.

THA 4542            
Dance Company              

A performance class which requires audition for admission. Dance Company is designed for intermediate and advanced dance students. Company members will learn new styles and techniques in ballet, modern dance, jazz, and tap and will perform in a dance concert. May be repeated. A maximum of six semester hours may be applied toward a degree.

THA 4552            
Modern Dance 

Fundamentals of modern dance. Exploration of modern dance theories and techniques.