Useful Cross-Curriculum learning Modules

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These modules are copyrighted. The one condition to meet in order to take, use, and modify the modules: the authors' names MUST be carried on the modules and derivative materials produced from them. No user or publisher is allowed to copy or sell these or infringe on any ownership rights of the authors. Beyond that, we encourage free use of our work, modification of it and we grant full and free reproduction rights when the above conditions are met. We will continue to refine current modules and produce new ones. To check current status, use the contact emails listed above. These contacts will have contact information for the additional authors.

1. College survival and the science of the living brain 

2. Nutrition for Learning

3. Novice to expert

4. Psychomotor domain, How we learn physical skills can teach us something

5. The affective domain

6. Cognititve Domain, not all changes are alike

7. Real life, Three domains working in concert

8. Metacognition and reflective thinking

9. Understanding preferences and cycles

10. Working in groups

11. Speaking, Discussing, and Questioning  Developing Useful Classroom Skills

12. Ethical Reasoning for Difficult Decisions

13a. Events a Learner Can Expect to Experience

13b. Events a Learner Can Expect to Experience

14. Learning More by Learning to be Professional