Camp and Conference FAQ

When can we check in?

You name the time and date.  We do however ask that you limit check-in and check-out times to one hour for camps under 50; two hours for those 50-200, and three hours for camps over 200.

Who do we notify for Lost and Found?

Our Lost and Found is located in the University Police Office. However, most items lost during camp are first turned into the front desk of the residence hall in which you are staying.  If no luck there, check with University Police at 870-230-5098 or with our Conference Center Director at 870-230-5228.

How much do you charge for key deposits?

The university will not collect key deposits. The camp staff may do so. The camp will be charged $60 for each lost key and $35 for each lost card key. The total for lost keys will be included in the camp's final billing. Each individual camp may collect their deposit up front.

Are your residence halls single or double occupancy?

All our residence halls are double-occupancy. A few single occupancy rooms are available, usually for counselors.

Are your residence halls air-conditioned?

Yes. All of our halls are air-conditioned.

 Are the bathrooms community or private?

The bathrooms are community showers in Newberry and Smith. East, University Place and Sturgis have private bathrooms.

Are your residence halls handicap accessible?

Yes. Please notify us if you need special accommodations.

Who assigns the rooms?

Room assignments will be made by each camp counselor or director prior to check-in. Campers will not be allowed to change rooms unless there is a problem with the room.  No more than two (2) campers per room.

Are there telephones in the rooms?

No. It is up to each camp whether or not they permit their campers to bring phones from their homes. There are no pay phones in the residence hall.

Do you supply linens?

Linens are not provided. Please bring your own pillow, sheets for a single bed and towels.

Do you have a laundry service?

No. We do have coin-operated washers and dryers available in the basement of each residence hall. Bleach and detergent are not provided.

Are TV's provided in each room?

No. You may, however, bring yours from home.

Do the halls have elevators?

Yes.  However, no jumping, overloading or ringing the bells will be permitted.  If the problem persists, the elevators will be shut down and some campers may have to walk eight floors. 

Are refrigerators provided in each room?

No. You are welcome to bring a small one from home.

Where and when do we eat?

All meals will be served in our Dining Hall.  The university's food service provider will work with you to accommodate your meal serving times and special dietary needs if notified prior to check-in. There are vending machines in each hall as well as in the Garrison Center.

Where can we get change?

The Business Office located on the third floor of Womack Hall can provide change to campers. This office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Who do we contact in case of an emergency?

University Police are available at 870-230-5098 from 8 a.m.. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What if the emergency is after hours?

If you need to contact a camper after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, please call the Arkadelphia Police Department at 870-246-4545) and have them contact the Henderson State University Police.

Is there a health clinic near by?

 Remember to bring your insurance and pharmacy card with you. Knowing the date of your last tetanus booster and drug allergies can be most helpful. Arkadelphia Medical Clinic is located near Baptist Health Center. 

Is there a hospital near by?

Baptist Health is located approximately two miles from the campus. There is always a physician on duty in the emergency room at our local hospital. The address is 3050 Twin Rivers Drive, Arkadelphia, AR 71923.

Can we receive mail while we are at camp?

Please coordinate with individual camp director to send mail to your camper.

Are parents welcome to come and stay?

Yes, if permitted by the camp. They will be charged the daily camp fee rate. Another alternative might be to stay in Ridge Pointe; private options are available at this complex. For more information call 870-230-5070.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 8 a.m.. until 10 p.m.  No visitors are allowed after 10 p.m. The front doors of each residence hall are locked 24 hours a day for your safety. Your card key allows you access to the hall.

Do you allow early check-out?

Yes. However, if your key is not returned to the Residence Hall staff, you will be charged for the entire time.

Do you provide floor mats?

We do not provide floor mats

Do you provide water coolers?

No. Water, ice and cups can be provided by our food service provider for a small charge if arrangements are made in advance.

How is each camp identified?

Each participant (including staff) is required to wear a colored ID bracelet that the university furnishes at the time of check-in. These bracelets are to be worn during their entire stay. Without a bracelet, you will not be allowed to participate in the meal plan. A replacement band costs each camper $5. Replacement bands can be obtained from the Information Office located on the first floor of the Garrison Center.

May we bring signs and posters to hang up?

If you choose to hang posters in your room, they should be hung with poster putty. You are responsible for taking them down prior to checkout. Do not hang posters, signs or fliers on any doors, walls or windows in any building on campus.  Pins, tape, staples and tacks damage the surface of these areas. You will be billed for any damage to these areas.

What if we accidentally break something?

The individual or camp is responsible for any damage to their room, a facility, equipment or furniture. We encourage you to inspect your room and report any damage prior to occupying your room. All damages will be billed to the camp. It is the camp's responsibility to collect from the individual responsible for the damage.

Do you provide media equipment and what is the cost?

Some media equipment is available to you free of charge. You do need to let us know your needs several weeks prior to your arrival. Keep in mind that Media Services is not open on weekends or after 5 p.m. during the week.

Do you have a bookstore?

The Reddie Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Garrison Center.  You may purchase books, shirts, pens, candy and many other items there.

What else is there to do at Henderson?

Henderson has a library, a student recreation center; a swimming pool located in the Wells Center and tennis courts.  The student recreation center, pool and tennis courts require advance scheduling for each individual camp prior to use.

What if we leave something behind?

We will be happy to return it to you at your expense. This also includes any camp merchandise.