Mary Davey

During my trip to Canada, I got to see a lot of the downtown area and find out where the people of Trois-Rivères went on the weekends and at night. To most this town may be small, but compared to Arkadelphia, it is pretty big. However, the town is better set up for those who cannot take their own vehicle. Also, on certain days, the program has a bus to take you to the grocery store, and take your own bags with you to the store. Do not learn the hard way that the stores charge for bags. In the big cities, do not play follow the leader when it comes to the tours, and take too many pictures and carry a phone charger. To me my trip to Quebec was funny, but to the other person involved it was not. If you go to Café du Parmesan, you have got to try the salmon. Also, no matter where you go, get the Café Moka at Tim Hortons. While you’re there, do try a lot of the food. Also, you need to get to know your roommates; they will help you with your French, especially if they are at a higher level than you. This trip not only improved my French vocabulary, it also made me realize not to be afraid to try new things. When you come back, you will need to remember not to order in French or say “Merci,” and that just the beginning. This was one of the best decisions of my life.