Emily Culpepper

The entire Canada trip was a fascinating adventure.  Even the 2 hour layover in New York was an interesting pit stop.  If you ever find yourself in New York, do not say “ma’am” or “sir” to them; it will upset very much.  However, I did it anyway just to see their reactions.

I arrived in Canada and eagerly awaited my bus.  While waiting at the stop, I was joined by other students who were also on their way to the program.  We entered the bus and began our ride to the school!  I was a little bit scared during the ride for two reasons: I’m in another country and our bus driver was texting and driving.  After I arrived at the school, I collected my things and headed to my dorm.  When I arrived at the building I would be living in, I learned anger.  There were no elevators, and I was on the fifth floor.  I had to drag my heavy suitcase up four flights of stairs.  By the time I arrived in my room, I was drenched with sweat and exhaustion.  However, I perked up the moment my suit mates showed up!

My classes were both exhilarating and challenging.  The teacher, Monsieur Gagnon, was a very kind man, as well as patient.  My favorite memory of him was when he brought the entire class coffee, just because someone asked him to.  She was kidding, of course, but he brought it anyway!  Our class time consisted mostly of talking to each other, in French of course.  Each night, I was given homework, but he never took it, it was simply for us to practice with.  We were given the option of taking one activity class and I chose theater.  The instructor, Miss Catherine, was our age and was hilarious.  She had us perform small plays and improv dances, and I found my inner diva while doing so.  We watched a French soap opera one day and performed what we thought happened in the end.

The campus was very large and spacious.  It felt like a journey just getting from one building to the next.  I would frequently visit Tim Horton’s (similar to Starbucks) each day to get hot chocolate.  Canadians have the best hot chocolate.  The cafeteria, however, was astounding.  There were many options to choose from, and it was much better than the Caddo!

Each weekend, we visited different parts of Canada.  We traveled to down-town Trois-Rivères and Quebec. The buildings had a flair of French architecture, and I immediately felt in love with Canada!  This outstanding trip has shown me a desire to constantly improve my French and move to Canada.