University Trois-Rivieres

Intensif French at University Trois-Rivieres is a French-immersion program that lasts one, three, five or six weeks. The program provides opportunities for discovery, meeting new people and exchanging ideas in a stimulating setting for learning a second or third foreign language. Students will earn a certificate with their accomplished hours. Since the courses are 3.5 hours a day, five days a week, Henderson State University will recognize one credit hour each week. Therefore, you can move to the third French course at Henderson after the six-week program or jump one class after the three-week course.

Three and a half hours of courses are given in the mornings from Monday to Friday. In the afternoon, students attend different workshops to improve their French: such as songs, dance, phonetics, theatre, environment, newspaper and conversation

Experience something new and discover the charming towns of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec and Montreal. Dynamic and diversified socio-cultural activities, thematic evenings, sports activities and movies are also included.


June and July


  • $1,500 - three-week program
  • $3,000 - six-week program
  • Includes French classes and activities, lodging, food and city visits
  • Does not include travel
  • No scholarships are available


Val Gudrian
Associate Professor of German and French

Student experiences