What do I do if I'm worried about someone?

Students, Faculty and Staff who become aware of potentially dangerous behavior or are concerned about an individual on campus may report the information to the Person of Concern Committee at personofconcern@hsu.edu

Recognizing a Student in a Mental Health Crisis   

Signs of a possible mental-health crisis:

  • Highly disruptive or aggressive behavior.
  • Overt Suicidal threats (written or verbal).
  • Homicidal threats (written, verbal or a history of violence).
  • Inability to communicate (incoherent, garbled or slurred).
  • Loss of contact with reality.
  • If you have concerns that someone is experiencing such a crisis, call 911 to request assistance.

 While waiting for aid to arrive (if you perceive no threat to yourself or others), you should: 

  • Provide a safe, secure, quiet environment.
  • Invite the person to stay until help arrives.
  • Listen actively and show empathy.
  • Maintain a straightforward, supportive attitude.
  • Don't leave the person alone unless you feel threatened.
  • Don't try to restrain the person if he or she wants to leave.
  • Don't challenge or shock the person.
  • Don't minimize the person's distress.