Student Counseling Center

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 230-5102 or contact the University Police Department at 870-230-5098, a Residence Assistant or 911 immediately.  You may walk in to the Counseling Office during business hours without an appointment.

The college years are times of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress. The University Counseling Center is available to help students with the variety of concerns that arise during these intense years.

Students often come to counseling with problems such as:

  • roommate difficulties
  • anxiety/depression
  • loneliness/isolation
  • family and interpersonal conflicts
  • cultural/ethnic concerns
  • academic problems
  • problems in intimate relationships
  • questions about sexuality/sexual preferences
  • concerns about alcohol and/or drug use 

The Counseling Center provides student support in the form of:

  • Individual Counseling.  Professional counselors provide one-on-one consultation for Henderson students who require in-depth or definitive therapy.
  • Group Therapy.  Group therapy is also available to provide peer support in times of need.
  • Referrals.  The University Counseling Center's staff refers students, faculty and staff to specialists if there is a need for extra psychological support.

The primary mission of the Student Health and Counseling Center is to promote and enhance the quality of life of Henderson State University students and aid their retention by offering prevention and early treatment or referral for physical, developmental, emotional, or interpersonal difficulties that arise during the educational process.


Mooney Hall
Suite 103
1100 Henderson Street, HSU Box 7740
Arkadelphia, AR 71999
Phone: 870-230-5102
Fax: 870-230-5064