Social Activities

Social activities and events may be held subject to the availability of staff supervision and facilities. All social events must be registered with the Division of Student and External Affairs via its official calendar at least five (5) working days before an event. Organizations must submit an Activity Request Form which may be secured from the Garrison Center Office. Upon approval, the activity will be recorded on the University Calendar. A police officer or officers, depending on expected attendance, will be assigned by the Director of the University Police for the event. The organization is responsible for the payment of the officer or officers. The University reserves the right to refuse access to facilities and resources if appropriate supervision is not present.

A recognized campus organization shall be responsible for the actions of pledge classes or other sub-groups. Events planned by the organization for members or non-members are also the responsibility of the group. An organization may extend an invitation to guest artists and speakers subject to review by the University Student Concerns Committee which may make recommendations to the President of the University.

Organizations which plan to charge admission to a social activity must secure approval from the Director of Student Organizations prior to registering the activity.