Henderson State University recognizes its responsibility to provide an atmosphere on the campus which is conducive to the freedom to both learn and to experience. While enrollment at Henderson State does not cause a student to forfeit any of his/her rights or duties as a citizen of a free and democratic society, the Henderson State student does assume a responsibility for helping to insure that the rights and privileges of every other member of the University community are kept secure through a respect by all for orderly process and legal conduct.

Students are expected to obey all laws and take personal responsibility for their conduct. The University does not intend to police the personal lives of its students.

Responsibility for and accountability of self and to the University for actions and conduct while participating in University-sponsored functions is fundamental to and consistent with the rights and freedoms of individuals. The success of the University in meeting its objective of developing and educating the whole person is particularly a product of the cooperation and support given to each member of its total community.

The university has defined and elaborated on the rights of its members and the responsibility of each. This Student Guide, supplemented by the University Catalog and other written policies and procedures, is an instrument to communicate established guidelines to members of the University community.