Drug Free School and Workplace Policy

Standards of Conduct. The policies of Henderson State University and the State of Arkansas prohibit the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance on University premises. University policy prohibits the manufacture, sale, possession, or use of alcohol on university property or at official university activities by students and employees.

Each employee is required by law to inform the University within five days after he or she is convicted for violation of any federal or state criminal drug statute where the violation occurred on the University‘s premises.

Health Risks. Health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol include damage to the lungs and respiratory system, the reproductive system, the brain, the immune system, the digestive tract, liver, and the kidneys. Use of these substances can also result in loss of concentration and judgment, change in personality, loss of memory, coma and death.

Counseling and Treatment. The Henderson State University Student Health Affairs will provide weekly counseling sessions for persons with drug and/or alcohol-related problems. Drug information and components of various treatment programs (videotape, handouts, and evaluation instruments) are available in the Student Health Affairs Center. The student health counselor will also assist a student or staff member in locating off-campus professional assistance when it is deemed necessary.

Sanctions of Henderson State University include probation, suspension, or expulsion depending on the seriousness and frequency of violations.

PROBATION: A notification to the individual that he/she is in violation of the alcohol/substance abuse policy. It may carry conditions (counseling/treatment/testing) which must be met as a part of the probation.

SUSPENSION: Removal from the academic community for a period of time. Counseling, treatment, testing or other conditions may be required before return is allowed.

EXPULSION: Termination of the individual’s relation with the University.