Use of Computer

The University uses the computer system for administrative functions and student training. Any student acquiring or attempting to acquire unauthorized access to the administrative data in any way whatsoever will be subject to disciplinary action. Such action could lead to dismissal from school.

Email Policy: Individuals who are granted computing accounts and who use computing resources such as e-mail at the University accept the responsibilities that accompany such access. Each user is expected to use University accounts and resources for educational, research, or administrative purposes. Users shall not (a) initiate or propagate electronic chain letters; (b) engage in spamming or other indiscriminate mass mailings to newsgroups, mailing lists, or individuals, e.g. the use of “faculty”, “everyone” and/or “staff” distributions list shall be solely for related University information or functions; (c) forge communications to make them appear to originate from another person, e.g., spoofing; or (d) engage in resource-intensive activities unrelated to University functions, e.g., Massively Multiplayer online role playing game activities. Misuse of computing resources will be reviewed through established University procedures for student and employee misconduct. Restrictions imposed on usage of computer and network systems may be challenged through the same procedures.

Some (but not all) inappropriate uses of the University distribution lists are listed below:

  1. Marketing items that are not related to a University function
  2. Promoting events that are not related to a University function
  3. Requesting donations that are not related to a University function.