Registration of Vehicles

Any student or member of the faculty or staff who owns or operates a vehicle on the Henderson State University campus is required to register that vehicle with the University Police and display the appropriate registration decal in the prescribed location on the vehicle.

For students, one registration per academic year (September through August) will be required. This registration will provide one vehicle parking decal that will be sufficient for the fall, spring, and summer terms for the current academic year. Student registration will be made on the basis of resident, commuter, or Whispering Oaks resident, and a separate decal will identify each group. Faculty and staff members are required to register vehicles and are issued a permanent parking permit.

Parking lots marked Commuter Parking Only are the Arkansas Hall lot and the Haddock Street lot. These lots offer limited parking for commuters only. Parking lots marked Faculty Parking Only or Faculty/Staff Parking Only are reserved for the use of Henderson faculty and staff. All other lots may be used by anyone with a current Henderson vehicle decal, be they resident, commuter, or faculty/staff. Students with Whispering Oaks decals are restricted to the apartment complex and may not park in any lot on the main campus between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. They may park in student parking lots at the Wells complex.

For students, there will be a $30 vehicle registration charge for each vehicle registered in the fall term. There will be a $20 registration charge for the spring and summer terms. There will be a minimum $10 vehicle registration charge for both or each summer term attended. Each member of the faculty and staff may register one vehicle and will be provided one vehicle parking decal at no charge. There will be a $20 registration charge for faculty and staff members who desire to register an additional vehicle. A charge of $3 will be made for each replacement decal required during the fall and spring semesters and a $2 charge for the summer terms.

A credit for a current parking decal may be requested. In order to receive a credit, the unused decal must be returned to the Office of University Police within ten (10) working days from the date of registration for the current semester.

Vehicle registration will be accomplished during the fall, spring, and summer class registration periods. Anyone who acquired a vehicle at a later date and prior to the next class registration shall register it within 48 hours, excluding Saturday and Sunday, from the date it is first brought to the campus.

The current semester decal must be affixed to the vehicle in the manner prescribed by the University Police at the time of issuance and shall constitute the final phase of vehicle registration. Failure to affix the decal as prescribed shall be deemed a failure to register the vehicle, and fines will be assessed according to charges outlined in Article III, Section 6, Administrative Charges.

The vehicle decal is the responsibility of the purchaser and must be removed prior to the sale of the vehicle, termination of employment, or withdrawal from the University. Decals are not transferable to any other vehicle. More than one (1) current decal will not be displayed on a given vehicle.

Handicapped parking spaces are reserved specifically for persons who have a valid handicapped parking permit. Temporary handicapped parking permits are available in the Arkansas State Revenue Office.

Temporary parking permits when required by students, faculty, or staff who have properly registered a primary vehicle and possess a current parking decal will be issued by the University Police. Temporary parking permits will be valid up to ten (10) working days (two weeks). If a permit is required for a longer period of time, contact the University Police Department. All temporary parking permits must show the current decal number, the license plate number of the registered vehicle, and an expiration date. The permit should be displayed on the rear view mirror at all times while the vehicle is on campus.

Temporary registration permits may be issued for various cogent reasons at the discretion of the Director of University Police. Normally these permits will be limited to contractors and other types of vehicles engaged in temporary business activities on campus. Visitors remaining on the University campus five (5) days or more shall be required to register their respective vehicle(s). Either temporary or permanent decals as determined appropriate will be issued by the Director of University Police.

Vehicles parked in unauthorized parking areas, blocking or impeding the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or that create an unsafe condition will be towed away at the owner’s expense.