Special Parking Privileges

Special parking privileges will be afforded on the basis of the following:

  1. Certified disabilities.
  2. Administrative consideration.
  3. Need for officially reserved spaces such as those for the President and state vehicles. Such spaces are marked in red on the west side of Womack Hall.

Physically handicapped persons who are connected with the University and who suffer a permanent or temporary physical disability which would be aggravated by walking may apply at the University Police Department for special parking consideration.

The Vice President of Student and External Affairs shall designate for the President of the University the reservation of certain spaces and areas for both public and private vehicles when the official duties of the users of these spaces or areas require such reservation.

Parking spaces designated in the above categories may not be utilized by any vehicles other than the ones for whom the designation is made. Parking permits in this category may not be traded, bartered, sold, and/or loaned to any other individual for use on another vehicle.