No Parking Zones

The following areas and/or zones shall be observed as no-parking zones:

  1. All posted areas.
  2. All areas marked with red or yellow paint, solid or intermittent.
  3. All driveways - these may or may not be posted.
  4. Any part of a traveled roadway.
  5. Within 15 feet of any fire hydrant.
  6. Within 20 feet of any major intersection.
  7. On any intramural field - these may not be posted.
  8. On any designated crosswalk.
  9. Double parking is prohibited on any street and/or lot. Service vehicles of the University when on actual work projects are exempt from this rule providing such parking does not constitute a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  10. All loading zones. These zones will be utilized by commercial vehicles only.
  11. All service areas.
  12. All sidewalks and/or walkways.
  13. All cultivated planted, grassed, or other areas with growth.