Appeals from Administrative Determinations

Any student wishing to appeal a notification of a violation (traffic citation) to the University shall make said appeal in person or in writing within 72 hours after the date of the citation. Appeals should be made through the Director of University Police. Failure to file within the prescribed time shall constitute a forfeit of all appeal privileges.

Any member of the University faculty and staff desiring to appeal a traffic citation may do so to the Dean of Students.

An Appeals Board composed of a four (4) member panel (two (2) students, one (1) faculty member, and one (1) staff person will meet to consider those appeals that have not been resolved. The appeal process is available to all current parking decal holders on campus. Appeals to the board must be filed on the appropriate form within 72 hours of the time the citation was issued. Appeal forms may be obtained from the University Police, located at 1125 Henderson Street in Horton House.

The Board will review submitted appeals on a monthly basis. The results of Board action will be provided to the individual(s) concerned within 72 hours of the date and time of each Appeals Board meeting. A person may appear before the Board, if so desired. Requests to appear before the Board should be so noted on the appeal form when submitted.

An appeal must be based upon the fact that the citation was issued contrary to University traffic regulations or is an error. Failure to cite specific factual circumstances will automatically disallow an appeal. Information concerning the above or any assistance may be obtained by contacting the Office of University Police, located at 1125 Henderson Street in Horton House.

A $5.00 administrative cost, in addition to the assessed fine, will be charged on all appeals that are disapproved.

Any person adversely affected by any administrative determination described shall have the right to appeal to the Municipal Court of the City of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, where the matter shall be heard.