Administrative Charges

The responsibility of administrative charges incurred shall rest with the registrant. In the event of the lack of registration, the owner and/or operator of the vehicle will be responsible for said charges.

Persons violating these regulations while using a motor vehicle registered with the University shall, at the option of the Director of University Police, Vice President for Student and External Affairs, and/or President, be charged or summoned to appear before the court of competent jurisdiction to be dealt with according to law. Persons violating these rules and regulations while using a motor vehicle not registered with the University, or persons violating city ordinances, shall be summoned to appear before said court.

Notice placed on the vehicle shall be sufficient as a summons for the purpose of the rules and regulations. Fines will be assessed for each violation on each traffic ticket received.


Parking violations and their respective fines:

  1. Failure to completely accomplish vehicle registration within the authorized period - $10.00
  2. Failure to display or improperly displayed current campus decal within the first thirty (30) days after registration - $10.00
  3. Failure to display or improperly displayed current campus decal after the first thirty (30) days of registration - $20.00
  4. Failure to park in appropriate or designated parking areas as authorized by displayed vehicle decal - $20.00
  5. Falsifying registration information - $20.00
  6. Use of fictitious or falsely made decal and/or obtaining stolen decals, or using a falsely obtained decal - $20.00
  7. Refusing, reusing, or discarding a traffic citation - $10.00
  8. Violations involving moving vehicles - minimum of $10.00
  9. Parking in a handicapped parking space - $275 minimum
  10. Blocking a drive, trash dumpster, or blocking traffic (this includes blocking parked vehicles in parking areas) - $20.00 (In addition to the fine, the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.)
  11. Parking on lawn or grass area - $10.00.
  12. Parking in wrong direction on roadway - $10.00.
  13. Parking in reserved spaces or red zones, or no-parking zones - $20.00
  14. Parking in visitors parking - $20.00
  15. Over parking in a 15-minute or 30-minute zone - $10.00
  16. Improper parking or parking in the wrong direction - $10.00
  17. Disregarding or driving through barricade - $20.00
  18. Additional fines may be assessed as determined appropriate by the Vice President of Student and External Affairs or the University Police.


Upon receipt of a citation for a Henderson State University traffic violation, present the ticket for payment within five (5) days after the date on the citation. Payment will be made to the Office of University Police, located at 1125 Henderson Street in Horton House. Traffic fines not paid within (10) days after receipt will be transferred to the University Business Office for final collection. An additional administrative charge of $10.00 will be assessed by the Business Office for each transfer of traffic fines.