Definitions and Classifications of Student Organizations

There are seven (7) classifications of organizations with officers, constitutions, faculty sponsors, and regular meetings throughout the academic year which may be recognized by the University.

  1. Community Service & Social Awareness Organizations. Pertain to service to the University and Arkadelphia community.
  2. Departmental Organizations. Pertain to those recognized organizations which are associated with a department or a department area of interest.
  3. Honorary Organizations. Pertain to academic honors and achievements.
  4. Governing Councils. Pertain to governance of major components of campus life.
  5. Special Interest & Recreational Sports Organizations. Pertain to special interest, Affairs, and activities of students not departmental nor religious but pertaining to college life.
  6. Social fraternities and sororities. Pertain to social groups organized under special regulations. (For a complete listing of policies and procedures concerning Greek Life at Henderson State University. See the Greek Life Code of Conduct).
  7. Spiritual & Religious Organizations. Pertain to church-related groups or organizations associated with religious endeavors.