Revocation of University Recognition

The following may be reasons for revocation of University recognition:

  1. Violation of any federal law, state law or local law, university policy, or university regulation including the Non-Discrimination Policy.
  2. Failure to meet financial obligations.
  3. The practice of hazing (any physical or mental harassment) to the student prior to or following membership in any organization.

In the event a student organization is accused of any of the above violations, the administrator responsible for student organizations shall confer with the faculty advisor and president of the organization concerning the alleged infraction. After an investigation, the administrator shall report the findings and make recommendations for sanctions to the Dean of Students, who shall make the final decision. All appeals shall be made through the Dean of Students to the Vice President for Student and External Affairs.

In cases where lesser sanctions are considered, the Dean of Students, upon recommendation of the appropriate administrator, will impose reprimand, probation, or suspension. Said administrator shall recommend sanction to be imposed.