Procedure for Recognition

Submit two (2) typed copies of the proposing organization’s constitution to the Associate Dean of Students. The constitution must include the following:

  1. The name of the organization.
  2. A statement of the organization’s purpose which must be consistent with the policies of the University.
  3. A list of eligibility requirements for membership. Recognized student organizations, including those with an extramural affiliation, may not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin. Provisions must also be made for keeping current, accurate, and complete membership records which must be available to the organization’s advisor and Division of Student and External Affairs. All members of a recognized organization must be enrolled in at least six (6) hours at Henderson.
  4. A listing of responsibilities and qualifications for each office with a statement of the terms of each officer and the time and method of their selection. Student officers must be full-time students who are in good disciplinary and academic standing (minimum cumulative grade point 2.6) with the University at the time of their selection. They must retain this status during their tenure in office.
  5. Frequency and usual time of meetings.
  6. Statement of any membership dues, including amount and manner of payment.
  7. Provisions to insure fiscal responsibility. Funds in agency accounts may be withdrawn for any purpose at any time and shall not be subject to any controls by the Business Office. The organization must file a signature card bearing the signature of both the advisor and the treasurer with the Business Office.
  8. Provisions for one or more advisors who shall be full-time faculty members or administrators. The advisor is expected to be familiar with the organization’s constitution, purposes, membership and financial status, and with University policies pertaining to the student organizations. The advisor is expected to attend all meetings and activities, advise the organization, and to serve as a resource person. (“Advisor” - see Definition of Terms, Article I, Section 2.)

A list of the charter members must be submitted.

A list of the names of off-campus organizations with which the petitioning group intends to affiliate or a statement that no affiliation with other groups is contemplated must be submitted. In case of future affiliation, the petition must originate with the student group and must be approved before commitments to off-campus organizations can be made.

A letter from the proposed faculty advisor (and co-advisor, if any) indicating his/her willingness to serve in that capacity must be on file with the Division of Student and External Affairs.