Recognition Procedures for New Fraternities and Sororities

The Greek system is a significant component of campus life at Henderson State University. It is recognized that the life of a Greek organization is largely dependent upon the ability to recruit new members. The unrestricted proliferation of Greek organizations on the campus necessarily limits the availability of a nucleus of students from which to draw. In order to promote a healthy Greek system, the Colonization Procedures for an interested fraternity or sorority are available from the Associate Dean of Students.

When a request to discuss colonization is honored, the following additional procedures for obtaining recognition must be followed.

  1. The organization should provide the Division of Student and External Affairs with a photocopy of a letter of support from its national headquarters along with at least two (2) copies of its national constitution and by-laws.
  2. Upon receipt of the written request and supporting documents, a representative of Student and External Affairs will ask the president of the IFC, NPC, or NPHC to include the request on the agenda of one of its regular meetings within a reasonable period of time.
  3. The organization, through its representative(s) (regional or national officer, five (5) or more students, and a local advisor), should be prepared to attend the specified Council meeting and present a discussion of its history, philosophy, membership, and its anticipated contribution to Greek life at Henderson State University. The said representative(s) should prepare to answer questions of the Council before which they are appearing.
  4. After consideration by the Specified Council, the required documents will be forwarded to the Vice President for Student and External Affairs who will make the final recommendation.
  5. After formal recognition by the specified governing council, the incoming organization must abide by all university policies and procedures pertaining to Greek Life in both the Student Handbook and the Greek Life Code of Conduct.