Reciprocal Responsibilities of Student Organizations and the University

The policies stated in the Student Guide shall be conditions under which the organization may be recognized and operated on campus.

The University, through the Division of Student and External Affairs, will supply information relative to the academic and social eligibility of students for membership.

Hazing (physical or mental harassment) is not allowed (see Article I, Section 7, Letter B).

No student organization may arrange for ownership of real or chattel property without first coordinating it through the appropriate office within the Division of Student and External Affairs.

It shall be the duty of the organization to build a feeling of responsibility to comply with University policies and regulations concerning these organizations and individual student behavior. The University stands in a supervisory position to determine whether the organization is meeting those responsibilities.

Student organizations, through their officers, are expected to take reasonable measures to promote conduct consistent with good taste among their members and to endeavor by all reasonable means to ensure conformity with high standards of conduct.

The responsibility of disclosure with respect to all organizational records, participants, financial affairs of the organization, its officers, and members to proper University officials shall be the obligation of the organization.

The University shall have the obligation to keep organizations informed of policies and actions that affect them.

The organization is responsible for notifying advisors of meetings and other activities.

The University will assist organizations in securing facilities for meetings and activities.