Residence Life Staff

Administrative offices are located in Womack Hall, first floor. Do not hesitate to utilize the resources offered by our Residence Life staff members.

Director of Residence Life - 870-230-5083

Residence Life Administrative Office Supervisor - 870-230-5083

Area Coordinator (ACs)

The area coordinator is a full time housing professional who lives in the residence hall or at the apartment complex. They are responsible for creating an environment in the hall or apartment complex to support the academic success of the residence hall students. The AC supervises the hall directors.

Hall Directors (HDs)

The hall director is a graduate assistant working for the Department of Residence Life who lives in the residence hall or apartment complex and is responsible for creating an environment in the hall to support the academic success of the residence hall students. The hall director supervises resident assistants and the front desk personnel. In addition, they advise the Hall Council for their hall or complex. They are available to assist students with personal concerns as well as offer appropriate referrals. Be sure you get to know your hall director.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants are student staff members who have been trained to assist residents and handle emergency situations. They can be your main contact for information regarding all aspects of on-campus living, policies, and activities. There is an RA on duty in each building every evening and all weekend long, who can be contacted if you have a problem.

Each RA is responsible for his or her floor or apartment building and the complex's environment, providing social and educational events, and peer counseling. Additionally, the RAs are responsible for enforcing departmental and university policies, as well as state and federal laws in the residence halls. This is a tough part of the job that all RAs are expected to fulfill fairly and consistently. RAs deserve respect and cooperation from all residents. The RA is also a primary source of information and assistance.

The RAs are students, just like you. They have classes and exams, activities, frustrations, strengths and weaknesses. All RAs are not alike and they should’t be... however, each RA has accepted responsibility for doing a job that is sometimes difficult, sometimes demanding, but is also rewarding and fun.

Residence Hall Receptionists (Desk workers)

Receptionists are student workers that are stationed at the reception desk in the front lobby of Smith, Newberry, East, West and Sturgis. Desk workers are also stationed in the clubhouse offices at Reddie Villas and Ridge Pointe apartment complexes. Their primary responsibilities are informative in nature, delivering messages, providing information, and assisting the hall director with administrative duties. They are also responsible for enforcing the visitation policies, check-in procedure and distributing recreation equipment. 

Desk workers or other university employees may ask to see your student identification (ID) at any time for security proposes. The Henderson State University Student Guide states that your ID “must be carried at all times while on campus and produced upon request of appropriate authorities.” Please cooperate with this request and follow the guidelines. 

Custodial Staff

These individuals are responsible for the general cleanliness of the residence hall. While the students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms, the custodians clean hallways, public bathrooms, and lounges Monday through Friday. The residents of each hall are expected to keep the areas tidy over the weekend. It is important that students carry their trash to tHE designated trash rooms, clean up their own messes, and refrain from cluttering public areas with trash or personal belongings. Do not sweep trash into the hallways. Do not leave drink cans, food, etc., lying around. Only with your help can the halls look attractive.

Cable Television

There are cable television extensions in each room with basic service provided. Premium channels can be added by contacting Sudden Link Communications at 246-7611 and will be at the resident’s expense. Student must provide their own televisions (cable-ready is recommended) and wall-to-TV coaxial cable extension. If your cable is not working properly, first try disconnecting all of your auxiliaries (VCR, video games, etc.). If you are still having problems, contact an RA or your hall director.

  • 2-KETG
  • 3-EWTN
  • 4-KARK
  • 5-CSPAN
  • 6-KASN
  • 7-KATV
  • 10-FAM NET
  • 11-KTHV
  • 12-KARZ
  • 13-FOX
  • 14-KKAP
  • 15-KVTH
  • 20-HSN
  • 21-Res Life Cinema
  • 22-QVC
  • 23-BLAZE
  • 24-CNN
  • 25-USA
  • 26-TNT
  • 27-ESPN2
  • 28-ESPN
  • 29-FX
  • 31-GAC
  • 32-DISC
  • 33-TLC
  • 34-TCM
  • 35-TWC
  • 36-SYFY
  • 37-TVLAND
  • 38-OUTDOR
  • 39-FSSN
  • 40-SEC
  • 41-HIST
  • 46-HN
  • 47-FNC
  • 48-E!
  • 50-TOON
  • 51-ANIMAL
  • 52-TRAVEL
  • 53-FOOD
  • 54-HGTV
  • 55-MSNBC
  • 56-CNBC
  • 57-FAMILY
  • 58-A & E
  • 59-SPEED
  • 60-VERSUS
  • 61-BRAVO
  • 62-AMC
  • 63-WE
  • 64-CSPAN2
  • 65-TRUTV
  • 66-WGN
  • 67-INSP
  • 68-ID
  • 69-OWN
  • 70-FS PLUS
  • 71-LMN
  • 72-SEC2
  • 73-TBN
  • 74-BBC
  • 75-GSN
  • 76-AXS
  • 78-VEB
  • 79-HMC
  • 99-TV ONE