First Test Blues

What happens when you don't do as well as you had hoped on your first test of the semester? Here's what you should do...

1. Do not panic! You have several more opportunities to improve!
2. Contact your professor/instructor as soon as possible to discuss your performance on the exam.
3. With the help of your instructor, clearly understand where and why your answers were not correct. This careful review of your mistakes will greatly aid your understanding of the material.
4. Ask your professor to explain those items that you do not fully understand.

If you have talked to your instructor/professor and still feel lost, follow these guidelines...

1. Be persistent. Visit your professor again.
2. Seek help from someone in the class or someone who has taken the class.
3. Seek a tutor. The Office of Academic Advising (230-5295) has free tutoring available. Some departments also offer tutoring for specific classes. Student Support Affairs (230-5251) has tutoring programs if you qualify. Give them a call! You can always talk to your RA or hall director for other options.

Simplify Your Life...

Making a Schedule  - The purpose of a schedule is to provide you with a framework for using your time efficiently. If you really want your schedule to work, you have to customize it just for you!

Steps for Scheduling

Set up your schedule like a grid with all the days of the week on top and all the hours of the day down the side.
Schedule fixed blocks of time first. These include classes, your favorite soap opera or sporting event and essential daily activities, like eating and sleeping (napping).
Don't forget to include campus organization meetings and social activities.
Include time for errands and give yourself time to get from place to place.
Lastly, save some time for FUN!!!

Your schedule probably has many empty boxes. Now look at all the time you can spend studying! Schedule in study times that are the most convenient for you. Also, put in some back-up study times to add flexibility to your schedule if you need it.