Your Home Away From Home

Common Areas

Common areas (entrances, lounges, study rooms, TV rooms, corridors, bathrooms, etc.) are for everyone’s use in the hall. No individual or group should engage in an activity that inhibits the use of these common areas by other residents unless approved in advance by the hall director. Entrances to each building must be kept clean, attractive, and accessible. This is for the comfort and convenience of you and your guests. Also, for safety purposes, this area must be kept clear for use if there is an emergency. Do not loiter or sit on the steps or other entrance and exit areas. If you do not comply, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of all students to help keep the lounge areas clean. Furnishings and equipment in the common areas are for the use of all residents. The removal of any of these items deprives others of their use. Such action will be considered theft, resulting in charges, disciplinary or legal action, and/or fines. Do not move furniture from the room in which it is located.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards will be found in your residence hall on each floor. General announcements concerning your hall and hall council activities will be posted there. Develop the habit of checking this board each day. Announcements concerning the university will be posted on the official bulletin boards in the Garrison Center and classroom buildings. These boards are for your convenience, so take care of them.


Residents and guests may not interfere with the normal operation of an elevator. Any student caught interfering with the normal operation or tampering with emergency call equipment of the elevator will be subject to disciplinary action. If an object is dropped or lost down the elevator shaft please report this to a Resident Assistant immediately.


For fire prevention, cooking is only permitted in microwave rooms or when a student is using an approved appliance. The following are approved cooking appliances: coffee pots, hot air popcorn poppers (if used for their intended purpose), rice cookers, blenders and refrigerators.

Microwaves are only allowed in East Hall, West Hall, Sturgis Hall, University Place and the International Student Center or in designated microwave rooms of Smith and Newberry halls. Discovery of any prohibited appliances will result in the confiscation of said appliance and further disciplinary action.

Repairs and Maintenance Requests

Any problems occurring in your room, bathroom, kitchen, other public areas, or problems with your cable or telephone should be reported to an RA immediately. Maintenance request forms are available at the front desk.

Vending Machines

The food and drink vending machines are maintained and serviced by a contractor engaged by the university. Students caught shaking, tilting or moving the vending machines in the residence halls will be subject to disciplinary action. Machines are used at your own risk and no refunds are given by the Department of Residence Life. Report any problems and lost money to the appropriate hall staff who will contact the vending company and advocate for a refund.

Laundry Facilities

Each residence hall has laundry facilities with washers and dryers. Residents must supply their own high efficiency detergent and other laundry supplies. Please do not leave your clothes in the machines, because they may be stolen or removed by other residents waiting to use the machines. Residence Hall facilities are for residents only. All non-residents caught using these facilities will be considered criminally trespassing. Laundry is left in the laundry room at your own risk and will be considered as abandoned property if left unattended for more than 48 hours.

Reminder: Always clean out the lint filter.

Computer Labs

Smith, Newberry, and Sturgis have labs in their respective halls. The labs are open 24 hours a day and are for the residents of the specific hall only. Non-residents may not use the labs in the residence halls and priority is given to residents doing academic work. Students not using the computers for academic work will be asked to log out if someone else needs to use a computer for academic purposes. The residence hall computer labs may be subject to closure in the event that the labs are abused. Please see your hall director for more information.

The Garrison Center Computer Lab is open the following hours:

Monday-Saturday: 8 a.m.-11 p.m.       Sunday: 1pm - 11pm

Mail Service

If you did not receive a post office box at Heart Start or did not previously have one please visit the campus post office to receive your PO Box. All mail notices and announcements will be delivered to your box number. Check your box daily. On-campus mail is delivered free of charge to any designated Henderson State University box. The Department of Residence Life will not deliver mail to your room. In order to receive mail you MUST have a PO Box.


A phone jack is in each room with a number assigned to that room.  Henderson doesn't have a long-distance carrier and long-distance is not available in the residence halls. Please contact Computer Services to activate your phone line. Be careful whom you let use your phone. Students who use their room phone to accumulate unauthorized charges are subject to a processing charge of $20 per call, plus the charge of the phone call, and disciplinary action may follow as well.

Dining Services