Campus Safety and Security

University Police

Your University Police Department is located at 805 North 12th street. This office is responsible for the campus police officers who provide 24 hour safety and security for the campus. During regular business hours Monday - Friday, you may call 230-5098. After 5 p.m. and on the weekends, call 230-5911.

Other important numbers:
Fire Department 246-2424
Baptist Medical Center Ambulance 245-1000

Exterior Doors

All residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day. The decision to keep these doors locked is part of a commitment to provide greater security and safety for the residents of Henderson State University. We believe that residents should have a choice to decide who enters their residence hall and when they may enter it. When doors are unlocked or propped, there is no control over who enters a residence hall. Additionally, your choice of who may be in your hall had been taken away. Unfortunately, history has proven that not all residence hall visitors have friendly intentions. Please do not sacrifice the safety of yourself as well as your fellow residents. Propping any door at any time is strictly prohibited. Doors found propped open should be closed and the incident reported immediately to a Resident Assistant or Hall Director. Students found propping open doors or failing to close and report a propped door immediately may be assessed a $25 fine and possible further disciplinary action.

Building Exterior Roofs and Ledges

Posting of unapproved signs, erecting of antennas/satellite dishes, or any other objects on the exterior of buildings is prohibited. Residents are never permitted on roofs, ledges or allowed to climb up the sides of buildings. Students found in violation of this policy must meet with the appropriate disciplinary personnel. 


Hallways are designed as passageways and must remain clear at all times. Participation in active sports within the residence hall is prohibited. Sports (Football, Soccer, Baseball, Frisbee, Golf, Nerf guns, etc.) may be potentially harmful to residents in the hallways or to the condition of the building. Violators of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. Exceptions can be made for sanctioned residence life events.


The best method for prevention of theft is an alert neighbor. The university encourages a “Neighborhood Watch” policy in all housing areas. Get to know the other residents in your area and be alert to suspicious persons or behavior. Notify your Hall Director, Resident Assistant or the desk worker of any suspicious behavior or suspicious persons in the hall. It is good practice to lock your door at all times when you leave your room and while you are asleep. The university is not responsible for the theft of personal items (renter’s insurance is encouraged). Residents are responsible for all university property within their room. Any university lobby furniture found in a resident’s room will be considered theft and the resident may be assessed a $50 fine per piece of furniture. Disciplinary action, as well as criminal action may be taken against individuals caught with stolen property.

Don’t leave things locked in a car. Put items in your car trunk or bring them into the building. Don’t leave clothes in the laundry room unattended. Should you be the victim of theft or other crimes, contact your RA or Hall Director as soon as possible. You should also notify the Henderson Police Department and file a report within 24 hours.

Vehicle Registration

All resident motor vehicles must be registered with the Henderson Police Department if they are operated on the Henderson campus (including parking lots). Each vehicle must have a valid, properly displayed parking decal. Tickets are issued for all violations, including having no valid permit, and are payable at the University Police Department.

Bicycle Policy

Bicycles are not allowed in any room, hallway, or lounge in any on-campus housing. They may only be parked in designated areas and should no way impede student traffic. Any student found in violation of this policy will be assessed a $25 fine and subject to further disciplinary action. All bicycles must be removed from storage racks when the resident checks out of the building. Any bicycle not removed at the end of the academic year will be removed and confiscated by University Police.


Skating (including rollerblading and skateboarding) is not permitted in the residence halls or apartment complexes. Hoverboards are strictly prohibited in all University owned housing complexes.

Nuisance Phone Calls

Occasionally students receive nuisance telephone calls. If you receive any such calls, report them immediately to your RA, Hall Director and University Police. Also, keep a phone log of the date, time and type of call (hang-up, vulgar, etc.), as well as anything you might be able to tell about the caller’s voice.


Gambling is not allowed in the residence halls or apartment complexes. This includes but is not limited to betting pools, brackets of any kind, dominoes and card games (where money changes hands).


At no time are any water related activities allowed in the passageways or any rooms of the residence halls or apartment complexes.

Weapons, Firearms, Fireworks and Flammable Liquids

Weapons including but not limited to fire arms, ammunition, combustible or explosive devices, flammable liquids, fireworks, gasoline, hazardous chemicals (other than pocket sized sprays used for personal safety), knives with blades longer than 4 inches, BB guns, brass knuckles, tasers or other electrical stun devices, bows or crossbows, arrows, objects that propel projectiles (such as potato launchers), replicas of weapons (including water guns), paintball guns, or any device or substance designed or used to inflict a wound, intimidate, cause injury or incapacitate are strictly prohibited in residence halls or apartment complexes. It is a violation of university policy to store weapons of any kind on university property (including parking areas). Residents found in violation of this policy will be sent through the university judicial process.


If you have witnessed or are aware of an act of vandalism, please report it to your RA or Hall Director immediately. The person responsible for the vandalism will be held accountable. When no one assumes responsibility for vandalism, the necessary repairs are divided among the residents living on the floor, or in the building/complex and will be billed to your student account.

Fire and Emergency Equipment

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are located on each floor of the residence halls, in the kitchens of the Ridge Pointe apartments or in the breezeways of every floor at the Reddie Villas apartment complex. They are there for your protection and are not to be tampered with. If this equipment is abused it will not be functional in the event of an actual fire, thereby endangering the lives of many people. Tampering with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, exit signs, fire hoses or pull stations will be cause for severe disciplinary action. Light fixtures should not be tampered with in any way and items should not be hung from or near them. All residents are required to participate in fire drills and evacuation procedures; disciplinary action will be taken for non participation.

False alarms are not only illegal, but also dangerous. Every time a building is evacuated, there is the possibility of injury. Frequent alarms tend to create a feeling of false security and it becomes more difficult to evacuate the building. In the event of a real fire, this could lead to serious consequences. For those reasons, everyone must evacuate every time the alarm sounds. Any student found guilty of giving or causing a false alarm of fire or threat of a bomb will be subject to arrest and disciplinary action by the University.

Candles and other Open Flames

Burned candles and incense are prohibited because they present a true fire hazard. Wickless candles and never-before burned decorative candles, as well as potpourri pots and candle warmers are allowed. Fireworks, grills (other than university provided grills) or other open flames are strictly prohibited in or around the residence halls or apartment complexes. Discovery of any of these items will result in the confiscation of the item(s) and disciplinary action.

Dress Code

University regulations prohibit bare feet and/or swimwear in food service and classroom buildings except where appropriate. Attire will be governed by its appropriateness to the activity. Students are encouraged to exercise discretion in their dress attire. Specifically, upper and lower garments and footwear are required.


Salesmen or solicitors, including students, are not permitted in the residence halls or apartment complex. This includes telephone contacts. Any violation of this policy should be reported to the Director of Residence Life immediately. A salesman or solicitor cannot contact students without prior approval of the Office of Residence Life. 

Public Area Reservations

The public areas in the residence halls can be reserved for programs and events. Please check with the Area Coordinator to see if space is available for the day and time you would like. You must reserve the area at least two weeks in advance through your Area Coordinator and turn in a completed planning form at the Garrison Information Desk.