Academic Survival Skills

Why did you come to Henderson State University? To get an education, a degree, a good job after graduation, get out of the parents' house, etc.? You pick one. Whatever reason you came to college, there is only one way to stay - STUDY and PASS! Here are some "tried and true" suggestions for academic success.


Choose a quiet place to study. Study requires full concentration.

Manage your time. Make a daily schedule and stick to it. Take a break each hour. Study first, and then take a break.

Know your limitations. (College is more difficult than high school.)

Spend less time on the phone. Don't give in to friends and miss valuable study time.

Don't rely on cramming. It rarely works and leads to panic and confusion.

Don't hesitate to seek help from the professor/instructor. Ask your RA about FREE tutors.

Don't skip class. Some information given in class is not in books or a classmate's notes.

Test Anxiety

We've all experienced it. If you're worried about an upcoming test, here's some advice to help you overcome that dreaded condition called - "test anxiety":

Be Prepared

Ask the professor/instructor what will be covered on the exam. Review your notes. Check your recall of facts by reciting them out loud. Try to predict and answer possible test questions.


Get a good night's sleep the night before.

Wake up on time so your morning routine can go smoothly and not cause you to spend your energy in a "mad dash" to class.

Just before the test, enjoy 10-15 minutes of peace and quiet.

Tighten and relax muscle groups (feet, legs, upper body, stomach, arms and hands). This is a great relaxation technique. Try it – it really works wonders!!!

Breathe evenly. Be calm.

Master Test-Taking Skills

Read all directions.

Survey the exam to see what types of questions there are. Check the point value of questions – this is important. Spend more time on those that are the greatest in value.

Outline answers for essay questions.

Work on one question at a time.

Mark difficult items and come back to them later.

Concentrate on the test. Everything else will wait.

Keep a positive attitude.