Spiritual and Religious

Angelic Voices of Christ (AVOC)

AVOC gives students the opportunity to become highly visible student leaders who can support a prospective student’s decision to attend Henderson and promote the unique educational opportunities that Henderson has to offer. AVOC helps students adapt to college life by offering support through the Wednesday night Bible studies, Friends helping Friends program, choir rehearsals, and assisting with other organizations/activities.

Adventist Students for Christ (ASC)

Adventist Students for Christ is a Bible based student organization and ministry seeking to provide an environment for students to experience Christian Fellowship, explore faith, and ultimately to encounter Jesus Christ. ASC desires to encourage students to mature in their faith, minister to the needs of the Henderson community, and be involved in the mission of the Three Angels’ message.

Baptist Christian Ministry (BCM)

BCM is a Christian ministry focused on college students and supported by local Southern Baptist Churches. What makes it significant is not a building, a meeting, or even a program but the focus on Jesus Christ and each other. The BCM exists to glorify God by developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through relationships with Christ and one another, a community with a purpose.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the spiritual life of the students of Henderson State University by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship, witness, and prayer.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes provides fellowship and interaction for all athletes at Henderson. This organization works to provide a common bond for athletes in the form of a spiritual relationship. The organization meets bimonthly and is also involved in community service projects. Games, fun, food, and devotionals are provided.