Priority Three

Enhance the Quality of Life and the Ability to Recruit and Retain a Highly Qualified and Motivated Faculty and Staff

Desired Outcomes:

  1. Henderson has increased its ability to competitively compensate, recruit, and retain qualified faculty and staff.  
    1. Total compensation for faculty and staff meets the average total compensation reported for similar positions at the selected set of comparable and competitive peer institutions, taking into account the Arkansas Office of Personnel Management regulations, local cost of living, and other relevant factors.       
    2. 60% of successful searches result in at least three qualified final candidates, one of whom accepts the job offer.
    3. Our voluntary turnover rate of non-retirees has decreased to 8.5%.
  2. A center for academic excellence, collaboration, and professional development has been established as a support system for faculty and staff from recruitment to retirement.    
    1. 70% of Henderson faculty annually participate in the center’s faculty development programs or in state, national, or international professional development conferences.  
    2. 70% of Henderson staff annually participate in the center’s staff development programs or in state, national, or international professional development conferences.  
    3. 100% of new employees are welcomed to the campus community, are appropriately trained for their positions, are oriented to the unique nature of working for a university, and are provided with the guidance of a mentor.
    4. Faculty and staff have opportunities to interact across disciplines in social settings which encourage collegiality, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the development of innovative ideas for programs or activities designed to bridge students’ academic aspirations to career success by integrating the liberal arts and professional studies.      
  3. Henderson has in place a formal, vibrant system of shared governance which is transparent and includes representation for faculty, staff and students.
    1. 100% of university policies and procedures have been reviewed and updated and published in a centralized web-based location with access for all employees and potential candidates.
    2. 100% of the university committees have been restructured as needed to give each committee a unique and necessary function with clearly defined goals.           
  4. A comprehensive program has been implemented to improve the climate for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion with an initiative which involves all university constituents. The program has increased diversity, equity, and inclusion among our staff, faculty, and administration to reflect the diversity of our student body and our collective commitment to equal access to opportunities and inclusivity.          
  5. Henderson is recognized as one of the “Great Colleges to Work For” in The Chronicle of Higher Education.                                   

Strategy 1: Improve Total Compensation, Recruitment, and Retention of Faculty and Staff

Strategy 2: Create a Center for Academic Excellence, Collaboration, and Professional Development

Strategy 3: Formalize a Transparent System of Shared Governance

Strategy 4: Implement a Redesigned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

Strategy 5: Participate in the “Great Colleges to Work For” Survey in The Chronicle of Higher Education