Strategy Three

Launch an Integrated Media Campaign, Incorporating Elements for Each of the University’s Key Stakeholder Groups

Media campaigns serve as one portion of a unified branding and communication effort. The tactic is no less important than advertising or event planning, but because campaigns can reach individuals in all important stakeholder groups – prospective students and parents, lawmakers, alumni, current students, and community members with no tie to Henderson – media campaigns deserve a united effort from everyone associated with the university.

Media campaigns include traditional media as well as emerging media, requiring campus communicators to stay abreast of innovations in the field. In addition, relationships with influencers, community leaders, and journalists should be developed. Individuals on campus will need to be trained as Henderson ambassadors who are skilled at telling the organization’s story to accomplish strategic goals.

Action and Elements

  1. Establish and record relevant metrics for media and web campaign.
  2. Feature website, media relations, and social media content in a strategic and coordinated manner through a content calendar.
  3. Promote stories of alumni on the Henderson news and alumni sites.
    • Promote alumni stories to media outlets.
  4. Refresh website content daily.
  5. Conduct alumni events.
  6. Deliver series of segmented electronic newsletters to appropriate stakeholders.
  7. Conduct interviews with faculty experts.
  8. Release hometown news each week.
  9. Issue media alerts for all major campus events.
    • Issue campus calendar to media regularly.
  10. Engage in area charity events.
  11. Host major conferences on the Henderson campus.
    • Solicit content conferences related to Henderson majors.
    • Advertise campus for conferences not necessarily related to Henderson majors.
  12. Create student social media team.