Strategy Seven

Increase Off-Campus Enrollments

Henderson recently received a substantial state appropriation which will allow the university to build a stronger presence in Hot Springs National Park. For many years Henderson has offered courses and programs on the National Park Community College Campus. This appropriation provides the funds needed to lease a facility in the downtown area, making Henderson a significant partner in the economic development of the community. Currently, Henderson provides education and business programs to about 90 students in Hot Springs. With the new facility, and by having hired a full-time director for marketing, recruiting, and general oversight, the enrollments should grow considerably over the next five years.

This initiative focuses on building a stronger presence in Hot Springs National Park by offering/developing programs suited to the needs of the area, resulting in more opportunities for more students to complete a four-year degree without commuting long distances to other campus locations. In addition to the National Park community, continued collaboration with other community colleges in the area will also be maintained and programs enhanced as needed. As a result, all off-campus offerings should result in heightened enrollments.

Action and Elements

  1. Seek ADHE and HLC approval for the off-campus location in downtown Hot Springs National Park.
    • Approval is an ADHE agenda item for April 25, 2014, Coordinating Board meeting.
    • Once approved by ADHE, paperwork will be submitted to HLC.
  2. Renovate the leased facility (Landmark Building on Central Avenue) to accommodate classroom and office needs.
    • An architect has been hired and plans have been submitted and approved.
    • Renovations will take place throughout summer 2014 with intent to open for classes in late August 2014.
  3. Market currently offered programs, the facility, location, etc.
  4. Determine admission and registration processes for programs not on main campus.
  5. Determine tuition and fee structure for programs not on main campus.
  6. Determine additional programs that would be successful in Hot Springs and other locations and make preparations for their implementation.
    • Deans and Provost determine appropriate new programs.
    • Engage in a cost-benefit analysis of adding programs.
    • Develop timeline for implementing new classes/programs.
    • Obtain necessary approvals for new classes and programs.
    • Identify and/or hire faculty to provide instruction.
  7. Review classes offered on other community college campuses and determine strategies for increasing enrollments.