Strategy Two

Develop Certificate Programs to Bridge the Liberal Arts with Professional Aspirations

While designated Arkansas’s Public Liberal Arts University, the institution has found it difficult to communicate the meaning and value of the liberal arts. Educating students about the value the liberal arts bring to their professional aspirations will better position our students for the job market and beyond. A certificate program of 12-16 hours in a related field to the student’s major (e.g. an art major with a certificate in business; or a business major with a certificate in English/writing) would further strengthen the student’s résumé and better demonstrate the importance the liberal arts skills bring to any profession.          

Action and Elements

  1. Use the results of the study in Strategy 1 to identify desirable cross-disciplinary certificate programs.
    • Initiate conversation (“brainstorming sessions”) among students, faculty, and administration as well as with prospective employers and/or graduate programs to determine desires and needs.
    • Research existing offerings at peer/aspirational institutions.
  2. Identify feasible cross-disciplinary certificate programs.
    • Identify existing courses and/or new courses required.
    • Identify existing faculty and/or new faculty needed.
    • Engage in a cost-benefit analysis (especially if new faculty required).
  3. Create and advertise desired and feasible certificate programs.
    •  Generate formal proposals.
    • Obtain appropriate approval of proposals (General Education and Curriculum Committees, University Academic Council, etc.).
    • Highlight new certificate programs on Henderson website. Generate flyers, handouts, and/or brochures to distribute at Reddie-for-Henderson days and during visits to high schools and community colleges.