Strategy Five

Enhance University Housing Options

Residence Life fills an important role in the lives of many college students. The quality of the physical structures of dormitories and apartments and the programs provided in these living spaces form the basis for student quality-of-life for on-campus residents. Henderson must meet the needs of the growing student body in both the number of rooms available and the quality of those rooms. The physical structures of residence life should complement the quality programs currently provided and future programs under development (such as living learning communities). 

Action and Elements

  1. Henderson is currently in the process of purchasing Whispering Oaks, a 288-bed facility located on the campus. Plans are in place to refurbish the facility during summer 2014 and have it ready for occupancy by fall 2014. With this purchase, students currently on the first floor of East Hall will be moved to Whispering Oaks or a hall of their choice, so that housing for students in the Honor’s College can be expanded from the current 76 in Sturgis Hall to an additional 56, bringing the total to 132. With an Honors College enrollment in excess of 200, this does not fulfill their needs in totality but will provide short-term accommodations until additional space becomes available. Additionally, the university will break ground for a new 240-bed apartment complex and a 300-bed residence hall facility in summer 2014. The anticipated completion date for these projects is August 1, 2015. The purchase of Whispering Oaks and the two new facilities will increase the housing capacity by 828 will move the total number of available beds to 2,072. This will eventually allow Henderson to take the towers (Smith and Newberry) off line, fulfill the pool of private room requests, provide for additional themed housing, and create the campus living environment that is demanded by current and future students.
  2. Henderson will develop living/learning communities within the new and newly-renovated facilities as addressed in Strategy 3: Develop a Comprehensive Student Engagement and Development Program.