Strategy Two

Create a Coordinated First-Year Academic Experience

To help improve retention, improve academic quality, and promote student achievement, Henderson needs to re-evaluate the first-year academic experience. This would include identifying the skills and abilities that students are expected to gain and improve in their first year, analyzing liberal arts core and lower-level major courses, re-numbering courses/course levels appropriately, and committing resources to ensure there are first-year courses for first-year students.

Action and Elements

  1. The course-numbering and content of freshman and sophomore liberal arts core courses will be assessed and adjusted to ensure that freshman enroll in truly freshman level courses.
  2. All currently enrolled Henderson students will be allowed to pre-register for ANY necessary class(es) without enrollment limits, allowing the number of seats to be accurately determined.
  3. Tutoring will be an integral part of all remedial courses.
  4. The syllabi for freshman-level liberal arts core courses will clearly define expectations for students. 
  5. Academic degree programs will provide written information with clearly defined expectations for program admission and success within the program so that freshman will be aware of all program options.