Strategy One

Develop a Comprehensive Student Academic Success Program

A comprehensive student academic success program fills many roles in supporting the mission of the university while providing much needed resources to students of all levels. Ideally, the student academic success program would be housed within a University College. The University College would provide academic advising and prepare students to progress into the upper-level baccalaureate degree programs. In addition, the University College would support students throughout the university with such programs as career preparation, tutoring, academic intervention for “at-risk” students, and resources for commuter and non- traditional students. Programs will be implemented over time with the intention of creating a University College as a long-term goal.

Action and Elements

  1. Assign all academic advising of freshman and sophomores to a central office.
  2. Create a tutorial center to centralize all campus tutoring.
  3. Increase the usage of the academic early-warning system to target “at-risk” students before they reach the point of academic suspension.
  4. Expand the supplemental instruction (SI) program.
  5. Investigate the potential for developing a University College. 
  6. Address remediation by creating a summer academic success program for conditionally accepted students and, for remedial class offerings, requiring built-in tutor class periods.
  7. Increase the visibility and use of the career center and further develop career resources.
  8. Assess the needs of commuter and non-traditional students and develop resources. 
  9. Develop an effective and ongoing way to inform the campus community of the programs and resources offered for academic and career success.