Staff Senate Committees

Election Committee

This is the committee that will hold special elections for the Staff Senate, and it will also conduct the main Staff Senate election at the end of the year. The constitution says that the committee is to follow these guidelines:

  • be appointed by the Senate President;
  • consist of one Senator from each University area; and
  • shall be bound by the guidelines provided in Articles IV and IX of this Constitution.

Members: Shelia Hollis, Jacob Bland (Chair), Carrie Roberson, Sheri Phillips

Textbook Scholarship Committee

This committee meets to determine the individual that will receive the Textbook Scholarship. The scholarship is $100 that can be used in the Reddie bookstore for that designated semester. The recipient is determined by reviewing any applications received and narrowing it down to one person. This process is done in the fall and in the spring.

Members: Erin Poe, Jimmy Elgas, Earl Beasley, Forrest Schultz (Chair)

Survey & SGC Committee

This committee meets to create and conduct surveys as needed by the Staff Senate. The demand for surveys will be determined by the Staff Senate and its goals. Chair of this committee will serve as staff-at-large on the university Shared Governance Committee. 

Members: Randy McCauley (Chair), Brian Bagwell, Shelia Hollis

Staff Handbook Committee

This committee meets to review and update the staff handbook. This process was started in 2013, but it was not completed before the year finished. Committee members will pick up where the 2013 members left off and finish the updating process.

Members: Sheri Phillips, Yvette Bragg (Chair), Carrie Roberson

Staff Emergency Fund Committee

This committee meets to explore sustainable funding options, the application process, and the selection process. 

Members: Jennifer Wright (Chair), Vickie Shipley, Ermatine Johnson, Jordan Argo, Earl Beasley, Brian Bagwell