2018 Staff Senate


Leah Sexton, President

Ricki Rebollar, Vice President

Susie Kirk, Secretary

Kris Dunn, Treasurer 

Reo Cummings, President Emeritus 

Academic Affairs

  • Tamara Horn (2019), Administrative Assistant II, School of Business
  • Susie Kirk (2019), Library Social Media Strategist, Huie Library
  • Jewelie Mills (2019), Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
  • Jacob Mills (2019), Instructional Technology Designer, Instructional Technology
  • Jennifer Sigman (2019), Director of The Center for Student Excellence, The School of Business
  • Heath Sims (2019), Admissions Marketing & Communications Specialist, Office of Enrollment Services and Admissions
  • Carrie Stanley (2020), Transfer Advisor/Counselor, Enrollment Services and Admissions 
  • Kelly Stewart (2020), Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
  • Mallory Turner (2019), Admissions CRM Specialist, Office of Enrollment Services and Admissions
    • Katie Brown (Alternate, 2020), Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
    • Karen Hollis (Alternate, 2020), Admin. Specialist III, Teachers College
    • Nathan Holloway (Alternate, 2020), Admin. Specialist II, English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy
    • Brittany Hubbard (Alternate, 2020), Admin. Specialist III, Enrollment Services and Admissions 

Finance and Administration

  • Jordan Bell (2019), Accountant I, Business Office
  • Scott Chandler (2020), Financial Aid Analyst - Technical, Financial Aid
  • Lauren Smith (2020), Accountant I, Business Office
  • Karen Spradlin (2019), Director of Accounting, Business Office
  • Mickey Quattlebaum (2020), Director of Human Resources, Human Resources
    • Mindy Daniels (Alternate, 2020), Cashier, Business Office
    • Kory Taylor (Alternate, 2020), Network Operations Support, Computer and Communication Services
    • Al Valbuena (Alternate, 2020), Associate Vice President/Chief Information Officer, Computer and Communication Services

President’s Area

  • Cody Hooten (2020), Head Baseball Coach, Athletics
  • Stacey Howard (2019), Administrative Support Supervisor, Office of Student Affairs & University Advancement
  • Beth Jackson (2020), Head Softball Coach, Athletics
  • Phil McDaniel (2019), Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics
  • Ricki Rebollar (2020), Spirit Coordinator, Development

University Advancement

  • Leah Sexton (2019), Director of Alumni Engagement, Development

Student and External Affairs

  • Kris Dunn, (2019), Director of Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation
  • Nikki Laird (2019),  Director of Residence Life, Residence Life
  • Shawna McKenzie (2020), Asst. Director of Veterans Upward Bound, Veterans Upward Bound
  • Belford Williams (2019), Residence Life / Housing - Area Coordinator, Residence Life
    • Christopher Golston (Alternate, 2020), Student Services Counselor, University Counseling and Student Health Center
    • Kimesha Norris (Alternate, 2020),Resident Hall Specialist - Area Coordinator, Residence Life