Standout Support Staff Award for Customer Service

The Henderson State University Standout Support Staff Award is administered by the Staff Recognition Awards Committee. It recognizes a support staff member who has achieved an outstanding level of professionalism in the performance of his/her assigned duties. This honor is awarded once a year.

The honoree should exhibit superior performance in the following areas:

  • Builds strong relationships with customers; reaches out proactively to learn about customer goals and interests; stays aware of customer needs, concerns, and satisfaction
  • Resolves customer concerns in a calm, positive, and sensitive manner; makes customers feel valued and appreciated
  • Responds promptly to customer questions and requests; takes responsibility for meeting customer needs
  • Defends customer interests and goals; acts as an advocate for the customer during internal conversations within the organization
  • Encourages people to think about customers when making decisions; reminds people that customer service is everyone’s responsibility
  • Recognized as an effective staff member by students, colleagues & supervisors and demonstrates excellent work habits
  • Displays a positive attitude and genuine interest in the people with whom he/she works as well as all internal/external customers
  • Is fair and cheerful
  • Demonstrates initiative as well as innovative, imaginative, and independent thinking to reach workable solutions to problems
  • Develops procedures, resources, and utilizes good time management to improve the effectiveness of the department and overall operation of the University
  • Deals tactfully with others and handles situations without raising antagonism or hostility

All classified staff members in a support position and in good standing with the university, with at least 6 months of continuous service, can be nominated for the Standout Support Staff Award.


  • Award certificate to be presented at the Staff Awards Luncheon
  • $500 monetary award (this is considered taxable compensation to the recipient in accordance with the IRS code)
  • An invitation to a presidential luncheon with other award winners

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