Staff Excellence Awards

The University Staff Awards program was established to recognize superior service and ongoing contributions by Henderson State University's staff employees. The winners are selected by the Staff Recognition Awards Committee, a cross-campus team appointed by the Shared Governance Committee, and approved by the Director of Human Resources and the University President. 


Staff Award of Excellence Award (quarterly)
President’s Staff Excellence Award (annual)
Standout Support Staff Award for Customer Service
Staff Award for Diversity & Inclusion
Staff Award for Student Success


To be eligible, nominees must have at least six months of continuous service to Henderson State University by the nomination deadline, and be current full- or part-time staff employee in good standing. Nominees must hold a position lower than the level of vice-president.


Supervisors, subordinates, peers, faculty, students, and alumni may submit a nomination form. Nominations for the Staff Award of Excellence are accepted throughout the year. Staff nominated in the first quarter, but not selected, will be considered for future quarterly awards. All nominations will close on May 1, 2018.

Submit a Nomination