Alternative Breaks

Henderson State University's Alternative Breaks is a service-learning program that provides students with the opportunity to learn about social issues and engage in direct service, education and reflection to create meaningful changes that will impact their communities. Each year, students will have the opportunity to forego a traditional break and volunteer their services around the country and world. This program is part of a global movement of students that share a vision for creating a society of active citizens by taking time to learn and serve during their academic breaks.

In partnership with the national service organization Break Away, we strive to connect students to service opportunities to become more active citizens in their communities and beyond. We use the "Active Citizen Continuum" and the "Eight Components of a Quality Break Program" approach, which include:

  • Strong Direct Service
  • Education (issue specific)
  • Orientation (site specific)
  • Training (skills-hard and soft)
  • Reflection
  • Diversity & Social Justice (in issue choice as well as participation)
  • Reorientation
  • Alcohol and Drug Free

By using this approach, the Henderson State University's Alternative Breaks Program offers students , faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in diverse communities that will provide transformational learning experiences through education and service that will have a lasting impact on society.


To inspire students to become lifelong active citizens who are committed to positive, sustainable change by offering life changing experiences through meaningful service opportunities.


To engage students in social issues through direct service, education, and reflection to become active citizens and make an impact on society.

Spring 2018 Site Leader Application

Applications accepted April 3-21

Spring 2018 Participant Application

Applications accepted August 22-September 15


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