MBA Admission

Admission to the MBA program is contingent upon the applicant having a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a grade performance indicating probable success at the graduate level. In addition, performance on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is used in evaluating an applicant.

The MBA program can be completed on a full time or part time basis; students may take course on the Arkadelphia or Hot Springs campuses or online.

Full Admission

The following minimum criteria must be met in order to be considered for review for admission to the MBA program:

  •  A 4 year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  •  Approval from the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of the School of Business.
  •  A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70 OR 3.0 undergraduate GPA in the last 60 hours.
  •  A minimum GMAT score of 400* OR Minimum GRE score of 470 Verbal/410 Quantitative*.
  •  A minimum GPA/GMAT index of 1000 (formula: GPA x 200 plus GMAT score equals index).
  •  A minimum TOEFL of 550 OR IELTS of 6.5 (International students only).

 * Students who have an undergraduate GPA which equals or exceeds 3.50 OR have undergraduate GPA of 3.0 in the 7 business core prerequisite courses are exempted from taking the GMAT/GRE. If the GMAT/GRE is required, it must be taken (with the minimum score and index obtained) before enrolling in the 3rd MBA course. For information on the GMAT or GRE, visit or

Undergraduate Prerequisites

Basic undergraduate preparation in Business Administration is a requirement for taking graduate courses leading to the MBA. A student with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree or its equivalent normally will have completed the basic courses needed. A student whose undergraduate degree is in another discipline can meet these requirements by completing courses in the following prerequisite areas:

  • Principles of Accounting – Financial (Accounting A)+       3 Hours
  • Principles of Accounting – Managerial (Accounting B)     3 Hours
  • Principles of Economics – Microeconomics                      3 Hours
  • Management OB (Principles of Management) +               3 Hours
  • Principles of Marketing+                                                    3 Hours
  • Business Finance                                                             3 Hours
  • Business Statistics                                                            3 Hours

TOTAL -  21 Hours

As an alternative, a student can demonstrate proficiency in these areas on an approved test, such as the CLEP+ test. A student must earn a “C” or better in all prerequisites. The MBA Council may, upon recommendation of the MBA Director, require that the student repeat certain prerequisite courses taken as an undergraduate. A student will not be admitted to candidacy for the MBA prior to having completed these prerequisites. Courses may not be taken for graduate credit without the proper prerequisite for that course.  However, courses in a particular field may be taken if the prerequisite for that field is satisfied even though the prerequisites for all areas have not been met.


Admission to Candidacy for MBA Degree:

A student may be admitted to candidacy for the MBA degree upon meeting the following requirements:

  •  Students must apply for candidacy upon completion of nine (9) hours and prior to   completion of twelve (12) hours with a grade point of 3.00 or better.
  •  Completion of application form filed with the Dean of Graduate School.