Business Ambassadors

The Business Ambassadors is a group of students enrolled in the School of Business at Henderson State University. Ambassadors represent the School at all official and unofficial functions. Ambassadors fulfill numerous roles as follows but not limited to:

  • An opportunity for students to develop personal and social skills
  • An opportunity for students to network
  • Promote and represent the School of Business to
    • Prospective students
    • Alumni
    • Friends of the University and Business School
    • Special guest

Membership Requirements and Process for Selection:  

  • Students who are selected for membership in the Business Ambassadors are declared majors in the School of Business and classified as Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate students.  Ambassadors are committed to academic excellence, expected to be good role models for other students and dedicated to responding to needs when they are called upon to represent the school.  Membership in the Ambassadors is an honor and one to which students aspire.  A commitment to Henderson State University and the School of Business is evidence in each Ambassador’s demeanor and behavior.
  • Students are nominated for membership in Business Ambassadors by the Faculty of the School of Business.  The membership is a diverse group representing the Student Body of the School of Business.  The Dean and Associate Dean of the School of Business select members from those nominated by the faculty;  membership will include 2 persons from the Sophomore class,