MGM 3013 (BUS2013)
(WI) Management Communications         

Emphasis is placed on applying and understanding principles of written communication as applied to the management process. Topics covered include letters, procedures, short case analysis, business reports, channels of communications, social networks, resumes, and job interviews. This is a writing intensive course.

MGM 3113
(WI) Management and Organizational Behavior

The study of concepts, principles, and practices necessary for effectively managing an organization in a dynamic environment. Includes an emphasis on human behavior in organizations. The course gives comprehensive coverage of such topics as formal and informal structure, environmental forces, planning, decision making, motivation, teams, and leadership. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisites: 45 semester hours of credit.

MGM 4023, 5023
Human Resource Management      

This course examines the principles, theories and systems for attaining maximum contribution from each member of an organization toward the achievement of organizational objectives. The course explores how individual goals can be successfully merged with organizational goals through human resource planning, recruitment/selection, training/development, employee relations, and compensation and reward systems. Prerequisite: MGM 3113.

MGM 4073, 5073
Operations Management    

A study of the principles and quantitative techniques of management utilized by the operations manager in the allocation of resources in manufacturing and service firms. The application of classical quantitative methods and current management science techniques to business problems. Prerequisites: GBU 3133; MGM 3113.

MGM 4133
Strategic Management        

Emphasis is placed on the development of a philosophy of management by examining the strategic factors affecting organizations and management. Strategic management decisions are analyzed in order that they may be related to the whole philosophical framework of business. Detailed investigations are made on the effects of strategic decisions on sales, production, personnel, finance and international business. Special attention is given to ethical considerations in making business decisions. The BAT score (the exit exam required of all B.B.A. candidates) is an important part of the student?s semester grade in this class. This class must be taken during the last 18 hours prior to graduation. Prerequisites: FIN 3043; MGM 3013, 3113, MGM 4073; MKT 3013.

MGM 4143, 5143
Small Business Management          

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the many facets involved in developing, owning, and operating a small business. Topics will include entrepreneurial opportunities, developing business plans, marketing, managing the operation, and financial management. A business plan for the start-up of a new firm or the purchase of an on-going business is required. Prerequisites: ACC 2023; MGM 3113; MKT 3013; or consent of the instructor.

MGM 4153, 5153
(WI) Organizational Leadership    

A study of the influence that leadership has on organizations. Topics covered will include human behavior in organizational settings; individual, team and organizational motivation factors; decision making and problem solving; group and team management; and organizational change and development. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: MGM 3113.

MGM 4193, 5193
International Business        

Introduction to the environment of international business with emphasis on cultural diversity, international institutions, government business interface, and global competition. Case studies will be used to emphasize issues. Country studies (both written and oral) will be developed and presented. Prerequisites: FIN 3043, MGM 3113, MKT 3013.

MGM 4241-3, 5241-3
Special Studies in Management

Individual or group research and discussion on special issues in the field of management. Prerequisites: MGM 3113 and consent of the instructor.

MGM 4253, 5253
(WI) Advanced Human Resource Management   

This course studies problems in the field of human resource management, emphasizing development of the ability to analyze problems and to apply management fundamentals to the human resources arena through cases, exercises, readings, projects, and a simulation. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: MGM 4023 or consent of the instructor.

MGM 4273, 5273
Quantitative Management in Spreadsheets         

This course uses Excel spreadsheets as the medium for teaching quantitative management concepts. Coverage includes regression analysis and forecasting, optimization and simulation modeling. This course meets in the computer lab for its entire duration. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and at least junior standing are required for all students.