If you enjoy the challenge of the stock market, have an interest in banking, investment counseling or one of a host of other fields associated with our financial system, then you should consider pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in finance. Our program also offers the opportunity to earn certificates in personal financial planning or financial services and support.

The education you receive in the Henderson State University School of Business provides you with the knowledge and skills required for the success that awaits you in the world of finance. After earning your bachelor's degree in finance at Henderson State, you are also well-prepared to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Your BBA degree with a concentration in finance will open diverse career opportunities, giving you the power to choose your own career path. Money is important in almost every aspect of business and life, so the possibilities for a career are endless. The education and skills you gain in our School of Business will prepare you well for the challenges and opportunities that await you.  

Finance beyond the classroom

Our hands-on, experience-based learning practices positions you at the top and prepares you for the business world.  You will develop knowledge and additional skills that position you for upward mobility in your job and advancement in your career in finance. 

Our Business Beyond the Classroom programs give you opportunity to experience our mentorship program, internships and participation in the Ross Whipple Student-managed Fund. You can also participate in competitions like the CFA Institute's Research Challenge. These and many other opportunities to develop your professionalism in our School of Business sets you apart as a distinguished graduate and desirable employee. 

In the finance program, you can prepare to earn professional licenses such as those earned in:

  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Securities

As well as prepare to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificates.


Our Finance faculty are well prepared with advanced degrees in Finance, possess professional certifications and have business experience. Studying with our faculty, combined with your strong analytical and problem-solving skills, gives you the experience and skills you need to reach your career goals. Our small class size gives you more opportunities to interact with and work more closely with your professors. 


Finance courses include:

  • Beginning Investments
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Principles
  • Portfolio Management Lab
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Other courses


  • Actuary
  • Appraiser
  • Bank Manager
  • Controller
  • Credit Counselor
  • Mergers/Acquisitions Manager
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Treasury Management Specialist
  • Trust Analyst

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