Ross Whipple Student-Managed Fund

Participation in HSU's Ross Whipple Student-managed Fund is conducted through the School of Business course Security Analysis & Portfolio Management. This course provides upper-level students an excellent opportunity to receive hands-on experience in the stock market through analyzing stocks, market trends, and actual trading on the market. The success of our students in the student-managed fund earned our program the honor of being chosen by Stephens Inc. to have our students participate in their financial analyst mentorship program. 

The Program

Students analyze which stocks to buy and which to sell in our $440,000 portfolio. They are taught successful stock market theories used by highly acclaimed investors. Students make recommendations and present to the class their ideas to buy or sell stocks based on their research. A consensus is reached on the course of action to take. Further information and success of this program is described in the link below.

Program Benefits

In addition to the excellent education students receive regarding th e stock market, they also have opportunities to compete nation wide with students in other student-managed funds at other universities, challenging their knowledge and analysis of stocks. Students in this program have won back-to-back CFA Global Investment Challenges in Memphis (the latest in March 2010); HSU being one of only three schools to achieve this accomplishment. The team went on to the next level each time with CFA expense-paid trips to New York City to compete in the Americas competition.  

The investment fund team was the top risk-adjusted student fund in the country, winning the hybrid division award at the RISEX national student fund conference in Dayton, Ohio, in March 2010.

Investment Success

The HSU Ross Whipple Student-Managed Fund has beaten the stock market in both of the two years since it has become a full-time class. Our average annual market-adjusted returns have had a positive alpha of 14% per year.

The Faculty

Dr. Alan Blaylock, professor of finance, is the student advisor for the student-managed fund. He is passionate about the stock market and, through the Security Analysis & Portfolio Management course, has provided students with outstanding instruction on the stock market and its processes. He offers advice and encouragement to students managing the fund, but students perform the research and make the final decisions on what stocks to buy and sell. Dr. Smith is an energetic and inspiring professor who desires to see the ultimate success of this students.


Dr. Alan Blaylock
Professor of Finance
School of Business