The Internship program is a significant part of Business Beyond the Classroom initiatives in the School of Business here at HSU.   Internships give students a great opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom and explore real-life business operations.  The internships provide businesses with young employee-types that give a fresh outlook about markets for which the business provides needs.  Many times the match is so good between students and the business where they intern, that a job offer results.  It is a win-win for the student and organization and we are delighted to have this opportunity for our students."

The Business Internship class is a three-hour credit/no credit course offered each semester. The internship class is available to junior and senior-level students and to our graduate students. Students are encouraged to participate as part of our Business Beyond the Classroom focus.  The internships are typically a paid position within a company and the focus is on the student’s area of study.  The class can be used toward a business elective or advanced elective within their discipline.  

For more information regarding student internships in the School of Business see Kelli Hernandez MO302 or email

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