Business Mentorship Experience

The School of Business Mentorship Experience is an important aspect of the school's goal to provide our students with varied opportunities to experience "Business Beyond the Classroom." Successful corporate and business professionals from various fields volunteer their time and expertise to mentor a team of students through two semesters. Each mentor works closely with their individual team of business students to help them sharpen their personal and professional skills, provide business leadership training, and offer real-world business exposure to produce a more polished and confident graduate.  

The Business Mentorship Experience (BME) is a two-hour credit course each semester. Two semesters constitute one session. The BME is available to junior and senior-level students and to our graduate students. Students are encouraged to participate in more than one session so they may benefit from other mentors in the program.  

The program began in the fall of 2005 and has been very well received by students who have expressed their appreciation for the guidance and confidence their mentors provided them. The mentors also serve as valuable contacts for possible internships or employment.  

Interested students are encouraged to access the Business Mentorship Experience Application here. For further questions, feel free to contact the faculty director Lonnie Jackson by email or phone (870-230-5311).