School of Business Alumni`

This School of Business Alumni Page is designed to communicate to Henderson State University School of Business alumni. It is intended to keep you informed and updated on major events that are occurring in the School and letting you know about important future events where you might want to participate.

Guest Lecture Series

All Lectures are complete for the Fall 2016 Semester.                                                       

Business Ambassadors                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We are pleased to announce the initiation of the first class of Business Ambassadors, a group of students who are a service organization representing the School of Business. It is an honor to be selected to serve as Business Ambassadors.  These students will participate in important functions and Events of the School and have an opportunity to distinguish themselves. Members are recommended by the faculty and appointed by the dean's office. 

The Business Ambassadors page will give you more information about this program. 

Business Advisory Council

BAC Serves as Focus Group for MBA and Establishes Mentoring Program for Seniors: The Business Advisory Council (BAC) met on Sept. 10 with two main agenda items. They served as a focus group for questions presented by the MBA Council who is evaluating with intent to re-engineer the MBA program to meet the needs of a broader audience. Additionally, the BAC established a Mentoring program with Seniors in the Business School.This meeting was utilized as the initial contact with students where students and mentors spent time getting acquainted and discussing preparing for job interviews. Mentors and Students established a plan of continual contact and interaction throughout the semester. Significant feedback from both mentors and students is being received about the usefulness of this program.


If you have a new phone number, address change, new e-mail,  job change or anything happening that you would like to share with alumni please email us your updates.