Accounting at Henderson State prepares students for entry into the accounting profession with careers in corporate accounting, public accounting, governmental accounting and a support function in all business disciplines.  Additionally the accounting program prepares students for entry into the MBA program; it prepares and qualifies students to successfully take and pass the CPA Exam.

The School of Business has developed a variety of academic experiences to enhance student’s educational experience through the Business beyond the Classroom program. Many students gain valuable experience through internships with CPA firms, government agencies and industry.

Accounting is a popular major for entry into any business environment.  Job opportunities are always plentiful for students who major in accounting and perform well in their class work.  Public accounting offers opportunities in income taxation, auditing, and consulting. Private accounting provides opportunities in manufacturing and retail firms, finance and government organizations, and unlimited potential in entrepreneurship.  Henderson State prepares you for entry into any level of accounting.


The accounting faculty are committed to advising, teaching and counseling students into accounting careers that best fit each student.  Faculty hold academic Doctoral and Master’s degrees in accounting and professional certifications such as the CPA or CMA. Also, faculty have experience in public and private accounting firms and organizations. Some faculty work in their own public accounting practice in addition to teaching.


Accounting courses include:

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Cost Accounting
  • Federal Income Tax Accounting
  • Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing

Other courses


  • Financial Analyst 
  • Financial Manager 
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Tax Examiner
  • Auditor

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